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    Vol 2 No.10 |January 25th, 2017

Days to note:

February 3: Report Card go home

February 8: Parents Teachers report discussion

February 20-24: February break


Dear NIS Community,

We started of with twenty three new children in January. So great to see they all are getting settled.

Since returning from our holiday, the teachers have noticed many children arriving late at school. We understand that traffic can be difficult; especially currently with the Ahok (Jakarta governor) trial taking place close by; and accept the occasional lateness. Please note that NIS gates open at 7:15am and teachers are on duty from that time. Classes at NIS commence at 7:30am and we encourage all our families to arrive by then.

In the Early Years we are slightly more flexible and request that all children arrive no later than 7:45am (Pre Nursery are an exception to this). All EY classes commence an activity, circle time, morning exercise or specialist class by 8am and it is important that your child/ren be given the opportunity to settle into class before this time.All PY students have to be in at 7.30. We thank you for your cooperation.

I am happy to tell you that great activities are being planned such as a camp for P3/4/5/6 and groep 5/6/7/8 and an Indonesian week with fun learning activities.

Friday Februari 3th reports are given out to all our students.

Femke van Ommen
Interim Education Coordinator
Netherlands Inter-community School

What is NTC and why do we offer this at NIS?

Supporting mother tongue language literacy goes beyond preserving cultural connections and providing a soft landing. Research increasingly demonstrates that continuing language and literacy in the first language alongside the development of the new language is in the child's best academic interests. It is overwhelmingly clear that all language minority groups benefit enormously in the long-term from on-grade level academic work in the mother tongue (L1). The more children develop their mother tongue academically and cognitively at an age appropriate level, the more successful they will be in academic achievement in second language. Continuing language and literacy in a child's mother tongue or first language is important not only for subsequent language development, but also for their overall personal and educational development. For this reason we offer NTC for Dutch speakers in the English Stream or at International Schools with a foreign linguistic environment elsewhere in Jakarta.

Library volunteers wanted!

As reading is very important we would like to encourage our parents and students to use the library after school time. On Tuesday and Friday, the library is open from 2-3pm.If you are interested to help out in our Library, then please let Miss Yolla know.
Your help is very much appreciated and our children will all directly benefit from it!


We are please to announce that we will reopen the Chess MANIS activity, starting this week.
Friday 14:15-15:00 -starting 27th Jan

You can choose between Wednesday or Thursday 14:15-15:00 for the second group. We will choose the day that has most students available to run the activity.

Age: G3/P1 upwards
Cost: 85,000/lesson
Don't Miss Out!!


Early Years Update

It has been a personally exciting fortnight for me in the Early Years as I returned to class teaching. I am now the K2 class teacher, as Ms. Christina has moved to P1/2. It is a joy to be back in class. For your information, I am still the Early Year Coordinator and can meet you to discuss any Early Years educational questions you have. Please email me ( if you need an appointment.