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Sunday 7 May 2-5 pm @NIS

Bake sale

Sell 2nd hand items

Organise a game

Food & drinks

Bouncy castle

NIS families & DNS members free non members 50,000 idr

Kingsday, 27 April, in Holland is a day full of outdoor fun events that people organise for each other at the streets in the cities.

Here in Jakarta we celebrate Kingsday with our traditional Kids Kingsday Flea market at NIS. To name a few ideas kids can do: sell their own created items or 2nd hand goods, sell self-baked snacks, organize a game, do face painting or give a show. The options are unlimited. The earnings go to themselves. They can also come & enjoy their friends’ activities. Parents and siblings are welcome to join of course!

How does it work? Just come on Sunday and organise your own booth. Please bring everything with you to run your stall. If you need any electricity or water, please let the organisers know so we can help.

Set up stalls 1:30pm. The Kids Kingsday Flea Market itself starts at 2pm.

For more information contact Annemarie                                                  
 08118123296 (also whatsapp) or