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    May 5th 2017

Dear Parents,

  • Next week there will be school on May 8, 9, 10 and 12. Thursday May 11th is a public holiday. The school will be closed that day.

  • Join the flea market this Sunday May 7th at NIS from 2-5PM. You can buy and sell 2nd hands goods and do nice activities.


  • We are expecting to hand out the school pictures next week.

Warmest wishes,

Femke van Ommen
Interim Education Coordinator
Netherlands Inter-community School

NIS U10 football team is champion!


On Saturday April 6th, NIS U10 were crowned the champions of the U10F division with their emphatic victory over GS PI. With a full squad, NIS played strategic and aggressive football, scoring the first two goals within the first five minutes of the first quarter. Following a picture-perfect start; it was a ‘walk in the park’, even then, Head Coach Joris didn’t rest on his laurels. He was repeatedly overheard shouting to his squad, “The game isn’t over until the final whistle!”.

Taking these words to heart, the boys didn’t let up for the entire game making impressive plays on a level not seen since the Dutch team avenged their loss during the first match of the 2014 World Cup, routing the Spanish 5-1! It was that good!
Because of this tremendous, and at time otherworldly play, NIS secured four more goals against a seemingly tough opponent. If there was any question that they deserved the championship—they were answered on the field!

Let’s not forget the amazing job the NIS U8 team performed in the U8A competition, the highest level in the U8 league. Winning most of their games, this squad of future superstars played fast and opportunistic football throughout the season. Facing the most difficult opponents in recent memory; their 3rd place finish is most deserved.

I would like to congratulate both teams, coaching staff, and all of you for your tremendous support and enthusiasm throughout the season. We hope to see you again out on the field next season!

Joris van Wageningen,
Coach NIS U10