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    Vol 2 No.14 |April 4th 2012
Days to note:
Good Friday Holiday
(4th April)
School Assembly
(9th April)
Queen's Day
(28th April)
PD Day - No School
(30th April)


Dear Parents,
Welcome back to school. Hopefully everyone had a good holiday and is getting back into the swing of things again.

Free Days

As a reminder; this Friday is a day off. Also, on April 30th our students do not have school.
Our teachers and assistants will be attending an educational development seminar.

Parent workshop

Following the seminar there may be the possibility of a workshop for parents. From today onwards, you can login to the parents’ page on our website and indicate which workshop you prefer and what time suits you best. The choice for the content of the workshop consists of:
Brain Friendly Learning, Multiple Intelligence or Phases in Child Development.


The organization of the library is currently run by Mrs. Renee Langhout. However, she has indicated that her family will be leaving Indonesia this summer. Therefore, we are looking for some enthusiastic replacement(s) that can begin before the next school year. The tasks consist of:  tracking the loan registration system, keeping books and library materials organized, advise children, parents and teachers about specific books recommendations, as well as work with the team organizing our annual book week. Additionally, interested volunteers would also be responsible for ordering new books and assisting team members about other programs related to reading. If you are interested in one or more mornings a week and happy to make a valuable contribution to the school, then we urge you to contact the management.

Workgroup '72

Workgroup ‘72 is a very active organization in Indonesia in various fields. The members provide local support in all areas in a variety of projects. The diverse expertise of the volunteers is deployed to assist people with various requests for help. One of the projects is to provide education to the local population of one of the biggest garbage facilities in Jakarta. In addition, they also lend regularly support in other invaluable ways. This week the neighborhood next to the school was severely flooded. Today, the volunteers, in cooperation with the school, provided immediate emergency packages to more than 80 families. If you are interested in the work of Workgroup '72, have a look at their website:

New Passport Regulations

We would like to inform you that the passport rules for children from one of the Member States of the European Union from 26 June 2012 was amended. From this date on, every child should have his/her own travel documents. Sharing one passport with a parent is no longer valid. Please contact your embassy at your earliest convenience if this is an issue for you. More information can be found on various government websites of the EU Member States.

Enrollment school year 2012 - 2013

As with any international school it is very common for families to visit a country for a couple of years then fly off to another part of the world. The school’s planning for next school year is already in full swing. Therefore, it is important for you to share with us your plans for next school year as soon as possible. If you intend or expect to leave this summer and have not yet inform us, we kindly ask you to do so as soon as possible. This allows us to better determine what positions we may or may not available for new students.

If you plan on leaving, you will need to provide us with your future residential address (temporary mailing address) as well as the name and address of the new school for your child to be enrolled in.

It is NIS’s responsibility and duty to ensure that the educational follow-up at another school is guaranteed. If you are unable to provide a of acceptance from your child’s new school, we will be unable to provide a “Letter of Leave.”

Kind Regards,

Sander Fisser
Principal NIS

Netherlands International School Jalan NIS 1 Kenanga Terusan Ampera Raya - Cilandak Jakarta 12560